Lethbridge, Alberta: The beautiful city I have the honour of representing. What makes it so special you may ask? Well if I’m gonna be honest here, if you live in Lethbridge, you may bridgehave come to find out that there’s not many tourist attractions that I can lead you toward. The high level bridge is quite remarkable being the largest railway structure in Canada and the largest of its type in the world – Not to mention it’s over 100 years old and is still frequently used!

But if you truly know anything about Lethbridge, you’d know that the sense of community it resonates is a greater appeal than any attraction could acquire. Throughout these past 5 months as Miss Teenage Lethbridge, I have met more people and built more relationships than I have in the past 5 years when I first started going to school there. How have I accomplished that? I began to get involved through volunteering. I have volunteered IMG_7450with countless organizations, at numerous special events, and every single experience has been unique to itself. I used to believe that Lethbridge was an ordinary, windy city that I couldn’t wait to expand my life beyond. Now, it’s incredibly easy for me to recognize how extraordinary Lethbridge is, and especially all the things that lie within it. My heart has been touched by so many people, and I have gained so much knowledge that I will cherish forever.

Lethbridge is the perfect city to expand my platform and my beliefs within. Because what I ultimately want to promote is the idea of empowering communities through volunteerism. Events would not happen without volunteers. Organizations and non-for-profits would not operate without volunteers. Something as simple as fun-runs or charity walks would not happen and go without confusion without the help and guidance of volunteers.

The amount of people that sacrifice their time for others never ceases to amaze me. I used to wonder how they did it. Just give their time freely without gaining anything in return; but then I realized: they are getting something in return – they are actually gaining so much more. And I’ll tell you how. I may not be having the best day, or maybe I had to get up a little bit earlier than I would have liked, but as soon as I am entered into the radiantly positive atmosphere of the volunteers and the joys of an event, my mood is instantly changed.

I hope you have to opportunity to travel to Lethbridge one day and experience the connection and dedication the 98, 828 residents of Lethbridge have to offer. If you currently reside in Lethbridge, I hope this inspired you to get involved and expand your horizons and relationships throughout the city. The opportunities are truly endless!

Until next time!

Alyssa 😋❤️

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