Why is Canada Great

First i must telling you  that the decision  to move to Canada was eternally  my  father’s  but this is one of the decision that my father have made that makes me proud to call him my father. I know my father does not regret moving our family from across the world to Canada as Canada is the land of freedom and opportunities. If i had  to choice to move any where in the world  i would  choose to live in Canada because it’s safe.

Simply put Canada is the land of freedom and opportunities compared to my own home county and others around the world. To live in  Canada  is to be free, free to travel the world and experience life first hand.  To speak your mind which i completely take for granted every day not knowing how many people in the world are unable  to speak their  mind. i believe that as a Canadian i have absolute  freedom compared to others  in other parts of the world.

Canada unlike  other countries or nations is  a multicultural country, this means  within Canada you will find many  diversity of culture, traditions and much more. Residence of Canada experience variety of cultures  within the  country such as the  Francophone. Canada is a country that welcomes people from  all walks of life and provide them with the opportunity to better themselves. This is  because Canada believes in economic equality which is  carried out through Canada’s economic system known as Mixed-economy . Mixed Economy  is both  socialist  and capitalist, only two countries in the world have Mixed- Economy as a a way to  insure equally distribute wealth in  society system ,Canada and Sweden. This is to insure  that all Canadians receive equal life opportunities  and are given an equal standard of life. Canada’s mixed-Economy  system  also works very well to eliminate  poverty in the country.

I  don’t remember living anywhere else other than Canada and i  don’t want to live anywhere that  is  not Canada.  i am very well content with the country i call home. Here i have the opportunity to achieve my dreams and live a life i once dreamed of. My parents move to Canada to give me a better life, which is why i believe that nothing could make them proud then to see me achieve my dreams and live the life they Came to give me.

Written by: Edwin

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