As the Miss Teenage Canada National competition is quickly approaching, we have been given our second blog assignment: creating and designing sign sourcea rollup banner! Sign Source Solutions will be donating the most eye-catching banner designed by one of the delegates to be displayed in the entrance of the Final Show on July 24th! Sign Source Solutions specializes in printing and creating business signs, event signs, as well as roll-up banners for easy travel and storage!

I decided to keep my banner simple incorporating only the most important components. The Miss Teenage Canada title represents the competition taking place, a crown because it’s a symbol in pageantry, and the quote “No better you than the you that you are”. I chose this quote because what I’ve learned throughout this experience is to have confidence in myself. I think nowadays we are so focused on looking a certain way, or envying the qualities other people have rathIMG_8277er than appreciating our own. Everyone is created in their own way for a reason and need to embrace the qualities that make them unique! If you are searching for the definition of beautiful, look in the mirror! Be yourself, you’re extraordinary and absolutely beautiful just the way you are ❤️

Alyssa 😋✨

Written by: Alyssa
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