Lunch  today for the Miss Teen Canada delegates was held at the Eaton Center at the Richter Market, where I ordered myself a chipotle burrito with beef and salted,  which was delightful, I absolutely love the food their and would recommend it to my friends and family.

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For beverages we had Mexican soda, I personally had  a sprite which I thought was different  from a  Canadian sprite,  it is  much  sweeter and had less fizz. if your someone who like’s trying new things  and enjoying what you eat I would recommend the Richter Market Tacos Truck as it’s food is amazing and tasty, just the right amount of spice for non spice lovers and spice lover’s.


The service was excellent, the employee’s greeted us with smiles and simply when a head to serve us . The employees are polite and attentive to their quest, when ask to take a picture they politely agreed although there were 82 of us that needed to be served, and also take a picture’s  with them, they never complaint. The timing was  outstanding, from the time we ordered, the employee’s have already started to makeing our food when we are done ordering our food was ready  for us, no wait 10 to 15 minutes in Oder to get your food.


Written by: Edwin

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