My platform is to rehabilitate homeless people from society, because i believe that homelessness is not  self  inflicted  but instead cause by circumstance such as job loss or a death in a  family and therefore society must land a helping hand. I want to educated society in this matter to enhance society’s view on homelessness, to encourage society to be selfless and giving.

I choice this platform because, i have seen poverty at it’s worst thought  i have never experienced it first hand i believe no one should experience it.My favorite place to vist is the homeles center, the homeless indidvidu who have nothig and has no idea where their meal was goining  to come from for supper are the most hamble, hopful and gratefull people in the world.

As Miss Teen Canada i would work to abolish homelessness in society by building homeless shelter and raising money to provide this individuals with basic necessity, such as clothes ,food  as well as a Back to work program where homeless individuals will get the chance to build their interview skill as well as provide them with clean clothes to attend their job interviews. With this program in place, more and more homeless individuals will be able to find jobs allowing them to get off the street.

i believe this is possible because we in Alberta have done it Medicine Hat was the first to element homelessness, and if a little city like Medicine  Hat is able to be selfless and so can the rest of the world. this people need  our help in oder to tejoin socity and we must not turn our back on them.

Written by: Edwin

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