What is a green building?
A green building is an inspiring structure that lessens its ecological footprint and impact on the environment.

What does that mean?

Everyday architects and home builders are working together to build better homes and buildings that are ecofriendly, energy efficient and affordable. Some communities are working to inspire other communities and cities to launch similar housing initiatives.
SunRidge – a community in Lethbridge started in 2005 is an inspiring green community built to benefit the environment and the people living within it.
SunRidge has several conserving amenities; 84 house within the community have the following amenitites:

  • A rainwater harvesting flat roof made to maximize storm water runoff and lessen energy consumption
  • Water warming solar panels
  • Energy efficient light fixtures
  • Electric tankless water heaters
  • Insulated doors
  • White fibreglass construction windows
  • Furnace flow through humidifier
  • No-voc interior paint
  • Eco-friendy carpeting
  • No-formaldehyde baseboards

Benefits to the community are:

  • Green lawn care
  • Bike lanes
  • Irrigation from the storm water collecting lake
  • Trees surrounding home and the water to keep it cool

The homes in this community are designed with high cathedral ceilings to make the rooms look larger and more inviting. The amount of windows to allow in natural lighting helps reduce the need for artificial lighting. The homes are stylish, functional and energy efficient.

I certainly appreciate today’s builders eco-friendly inspiration and hope more new communities within my city will adapt the ideas and help lessen Lethbridge’s ecological footprint.

Written by: Farren Sawers
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