With the turnout of over 600 people, I can definitely say the MS Walk today was a huuuge success! The overload of support and the generous donations made by everyone leads us one step closer to finding a cure for MS. MS is something that has had an IMG_6103immense impact on myself and my family as my grandma has been living with MS for nearly 40 years now. She is the most optimistic person I know despite everything she has been through; and I think that is what keeps her so strong and motivated each day.

I have to say I am so incredibly proud of my sister Tricia​ for being a guest speaker at the walk today and presenting her fundraiser of ‘Goals For Grandma’ which she began this previous hockey season and will be continuing as long as her hockey career may last. This year, she was able to fundraise and donate just over $800 to the MS Society with the support of her friends and family. She created this fIMG_5404undraiser as a source of inspiration and motivation for stepping up her on and off the ice hockey game. Seeing as our grandma is one of the most optimistic and encouraging people in her life, Tricia decided this would be the perfect way to attempt to give back to her for the motivation she has contributed that has lead to her success as an athlete. Tricia is an inspiration to me in many ways but especially in her determination to accept and overcome challenges with the way she makes sure everything she does, she does with a purpose. Days like today remind me where my motivation has stemmed from and how lucky I am to be surrounded with such influential people who have taught me the importance of dedication and patience in the many steps required to achieve my goals.

On another note, I can also say I am a proud student of Catholic Central High School as they never fail to step up and show their support for others and especially others within our school community. I didn’t get thIMG_6104e chance to be a part of his chemistry class, but I have heard many intriguing stories from fellow students who have had the pleasure of having Mr. Bulger as a teacher. From his stories that seem to bring endless laughter, to his nerf gun he likes to bug daydreaming students with, Mr. Bulger is definitely someone who can bring a smile to your face, especially on days you may need it the most.

Overall, I want to say thank you to everyone who took the steps and showed their support; it means so much to me but also to so many others! I didn’t expect handing out raffle tickets to lead me to meet as many amazing people as it did so I’m truly thankful for the experience. It just goes to show there is opportunity in every situation, no matter how small it may seem at first. I’ve come to learn that every situation is only what you make of it.







Written by: Alyssa

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    Proud mama❤️