I would like to talk about something that affects every 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men in Canada today. Sexual assault is any unwanted sexual act done by one person to another including everything from touching to rape. This affects so many people in our country and kills them inside, but only 5% of survivors report to the police. Most people blame themselves after being violated because society tells us to. Now I have a question: do you think that it’s okay for somebody to force themself onto you because nobody else was around, because you left your house, you had a drink, or because you wore your favorite outfit and look beautiful? It is never the survivors fault, it is always, 100% the predators fault! People don’t usually report to the police because they might blame themself, they might be afraid of the predator, or they might not want to talk about it because it hurts to think about it. If you are a survivor, I really encourage you to speak up, tell the police, and talk to somebody about what you went through.

You are not alone, in fact this is a huge problem that happens constantly and needs a change! I study the music industry and have been told by multiple individuals that in the case of being a girl in the music industry- it is not a matter of “if” but when somebody will try to take advantage of you. Everyone should know a bit of self-defense in case of an emergency; If you don’t know any self-defense, please enroll yourself in a class immediately, or learn some moves on (god bless) YouTube. You should never be afraid of stopping somebody if you are ever uncomfortable! If we speak up, report the incidents, and spread the word, we will create bigger consequences for the predators and save others from having to go through it.

ME TOO! I am a survivor; it is not the only bad thing I’ve lived through, there will be plenty more that life will throw at me, but I am still living, I am happy, and I have a great future ahead of me! This does not define who we are, or will we let it hold us back in life. Life can suck sometimes, and everybody has their own things that they deal with, but that is when we learn who we are and grow through what we go through. Our scars are what make us who we are- they are what make us beautiful.

Free, confidential, 24-hour, sexual assault support Line: 905-525-4162

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