Have you ever heard of the company called Clean meals? They serve healthy and affordable, ready-to-go meals that deliver right to your door! I ate 2 meals today- a piece of salmon with steamed veggies and quinoa, and some chicken on rice with steamed veggies. Being a person with lots of allergies who is always on the go, I fell in love with this! They are a business in Toronto that makes nutritionally balanced gourmet meals from locally sourced ingredients, so you can have a tasty meal without preparing any food, and still feel great after. Go check out their website CleanMeals.ca

Clean Meals supports their own charitable initiative called #ProjectEndHunger to feed the homeless in Toronto. If you donate money on their website, they will match the price and double the amount of food they give to end hunger. In 2017 their goal was to provide 500 meals and they ended up providing 504 in the first 6 months; Their goal for 2018 is to provide 2400 meals. Please donate today to help end hunger and try one of their meals!

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