With the turnout of over 600 people, I can definitely say the MS Walk today was a huuuge success! The overload of support and the generous donations made by everyone leads us one step closer to finding a cure for MS. MS is something that has had an IMG_6103immense impact on myself and my family as my grandma has been living with MS for nearly 40 years now. She is the most optimistic person I know despite everything she has been through; and I think that is what keeps her so strong and motivated each day.

I have to say I am so incredibly proud of my sister Tricia​ for being a guest speaker at the walk today and presenting her fundraiser of ‘Goals For Grandma’ which she began this previous hockey season and will be continuing as long as her hockey career may last. This year, she was able to fundraise and donate just over $800 to the MS Society with the support of her friends and family. She created this fIMG_5404undraiser as a source of inspiration and motivation for stepping up her on and off the ice hockey game. Seeing as our grandma is one of the most optimistic and encouraging people in her life, Tricia decided this would be the perfect way to attempt to give back to her for the motivation she has contributed that has lead to her success as an athlete. Tricia is an inspiration to me in many ways but especially in her determination to accept and overcome challenges with the way she makes sure everything she does, she does with a purpose. Days like today remind me where my motivation has stemmed from and how lucky I am to be surrounded with such influential people who have taught me the importance of dedication and patience in the many steps required to achieve my goals.

On another note, I can also say I am a proud student of Catholic Central High School as they never fail to step up and show their support for others and especially others within our school community. I didn’t get thIMG_6104e chance to be a part of his chemistry class, but I have heard many intriguing stories from fellow students who have had the pleasure of having Mr. Bulger as a teacher. From his stories that seem to bring endless laughter, to his nerf gun he likes to bug daydreaming students with, Mr. Bulger is definitely someone who can bring a smile to your face, especially on days you may need it the most.

Overall, I want to say thank you to everyone who took the steps and showed their support; it means so much to me but also to so many others! I didn’t expect handing out raffle tickets to lead me to meet as many amazing people as it did so I’m truly thankful for the experience. It just goes to show there is opportunity in every situation, no matter how small it may seem at first. I’ve come to learn that every situation is only what you make of it.







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Hello and welcome to my very first blog as Miss Teenage Lethbridge 2016!

When the ad for Miss Teenage Canada kept continually popping up on my Facebook feed – curious as I am – I couldn’t help but check it out! To be honest, pageants haIMG_5088ve never been something that I have taken an interest in but after educating myself, I realized they’re not all what they seem. After some extensive research, I discovered there is a great amount of advocates who have brought immense change just beginning with one simple title; I couldn’t help but wonder what impact a small town girl like me could accomplish.

With the motivation of having my voice heard, I decided to challenge myself and compete in the Regional competition for the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant in hopes of obtaining the title of Miss Teenage Alberta. Over the course of the weekend, we were judged on the answers we provided in our personal interview, how we conducted ourselves over the weekend, our confidence and fitness in a bathing suit, the elegance in an evening gown, and our platform*. I honestly had no idea what to expect going into the weekend, but I can say it undeniably exceeded my expectations.

The pageant provided me with the opportunity to meet some girls with amazing hearts and true motivation to make a difference; just like me! Although I wasn’t able to grab the main title, I did qualify to represent Lethbridge and that is a responsibility I couldn’t be happier to have.

What’s the next step you ask? Nationals! This coming July, I will travel to Toronto along with a number of girls from each province to compete for the title of Miss Teenage Canada 2016. Until then, (but surely not ending then) I aspire to make as much of an impact throughout the community as possible.

It is genuinely an honour to represent such an amazing and supportive city as well as the surrounding counties. In the short time I’ve had with this title, I’ve come to discover that Lethbridge has so much more to offer than simply it’s hair tangling wind; the opportunities are truly endless! There are so many organizations filled with people doing such impactful things for the community that I had never been aware of before. I’m thankful for the experiences I’ve gained and the people I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know thus far and look forward to what’s to come in the future!

Until next time!

Alyssa ✨👑

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Lunch  today for the Miss Teen Canada delegates was held at the Eaton Center at the Richter Market, where I ordered myself a chipotle burrito with beef and salted,  which was delightful, I absolutely love the food their and would recommend it to my friends and family.

11824001_10153443656367324_1641246477_n (1)

For beverages we had Mexican soda, I personally had  a sprite which I thought was different  from a  Canadian sprite,  it is  much  sweeter and had less fizz. if your someone who like’s trying new things  and enjoying what you eat I would recommend the Richter Market Tacos Truck as it’s food is amazing and tasty, just the right amount of spice for non spice lovers and spice lover’s.


The service was excellent, the employee’s greeted us with smiles and simply when a head to serve us . The employees are polite and attentive to their quest, when ask to take a picture they politely agreed although there were 82 of us that needed to be served, and also take a picture’s  with them, they never complaint. The timing was  outstanding, from the time we ordered, the employee’s have already started to makeing our food when we are done ordering our food was ready  for us, no wait 10 to 15 minutes in Oder to get your food.


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To day early this morning we wake up at 6am to get ready not knowing where we were going or what we were doing we got up and got ready at the time we were told and expected to e ready. We got  on the bus and when  down the street for breakfast at an all day breakfast restaurant beside  the Hotels called  EGGlicious.  Breakfasts was amazing we had eggs, beacons and potato’s, which was fit for the day we were heading toward.

We then got on the bus after breakfast and when to Lake Ontario, where we walked along Snug Harbour in peers posing and taking pictures, after that we walked to a park in Snug Harbour where we were taught our swim  suits walk by our amazing  choreographer Mark. The walk was fun and energetic, we loved it and even so when we were done practising with our choreographer Mark we continued to practice.

After Snug Harbour we when to Mississauga canoe club, where we when dragon boating, this was my first time in  can dragon boating   so you can imagine how excited I was. For lunch we had hot dogs in a bun with apple ,seizer  salted and peaches.  After lunch Continue reading

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My platform is to rehabilitate homeless people from society, because i believe that homelessness is not  self  inflicted  but instead cause by circumstance such as job loss or a death in a  family and therefore society must land a helping hand. I want to educated society in this matter to enhance society’s view on homelessness, to encourage society to be selfless and giving.

I choice this platform because, i have seen poverty at it’s worst thought  i have never experienced it first hand i believe no one should experience it.My favorite place to vist is the homeles center, the homeless indidvidu who have nothig and has no idea where their meal was goining  to come from for supper are the most hamble, hopful and gratefull people in the world.

As Miss Teen Canada i would work to abolish homelessness in society by building homeless shelter and raising money to provide this individuals with basic necessity, such as clothes ,food  as well as a Back to work program where homeless individuals will get the chance to build their interview skill as well as provide them with clean clothes to attend their job interviews. With this program in place, more and more homeless individuals will be able to find jobs allowing them to get off the street.

i believe this is possible because we in Alberta have done it Medicine Hat was the first to element homelessness, and if a little city like Medicine  Hat is able to be selfless and so can the rest of the world. this people need  our help in oder to tejoin socity and we must not turn our back on them.

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Why is Canada Great

First i must telling you  that the decision  to move to Canada was eternally  my  father’s  but this is one of the decision that my father have made that makes me proud to call him my father. I know my father does not regret moving our family from across the world to Canada as Canada is the land of freedom and opportunities. If i had  to choice to move any where in the world  i would  choose to live in Canada because it’s safe.

Simply put Canada is the land of freedom and opportunities compared to my own home county and others around the world. To live in  Canada  is to be free, free to travel the world and experience life first hand.  To speak your mind which i completely take for granted every day not knowing how many people in the world are unable  to speak their  mind. i believe that as a Canadian i have absolute  freedom compared to others  in other parts of the world.

Canada unlike  other countries or nations is  a multicultural country, this means  within Canada you will find many  diversity of culture, traditions and much more. Residence of Canada experience variety of cultures  within the  country such as the  Francophone. Canada is a country that welcomes people from  all walks of life and provide them with the opportunity to better themselves. This is  because Canada believes in economic equality which is  carried out through Canada’s economic system known as Mixed-economy . Mixed Economy  is both  socialist  and capitalist, only two countries in the world have Mixed- Economy as a a way to  insure equally distribute wealth in  society system ,Canada and Sweden. This is to insure  that all Canadians receive equal life opportunities  and are given an equal standard of life. Canada’s mixed-Economy  system  also works very well to eliminate  poverty in the country.

I  don’t remember living anywhere else other than Canada and i  don’t want to live anywhere that  is  not Canada.  i am very well content with the country i call home. Here i have the opportunity to achieve my dreams and live a life i once dreamed of. My parents move to Canada to give me a better life, which is why i believe that nothing could make them proud then to see me achieve my dreams and live the life they Came to give me.

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Hi everyone My name is Edwin. On March 23rd 2015 I was awarded as Miss Teenage Lethbridge 2015 at the Miss Teenage Canada provincial pageant  in Calgary Alberta. As Miss Teenage Lethbridge, I will be travelling to Toronto in August  to compete for the title of  Miss Teenage Canada 2015 as Lethbridge’s representative.

I am very proud to have gotten this amazing opportunity to represent my city and be apart of the  Miss Teenage Canada Pageant,it’s is a dream come true to be one of the Miss Teenage Canada provincial finalist. I am originally from Africa Uganda,but I do not know much about Africa as my family moved to Canada when I was young and I am unable to remember much about the place I come from, I now reside in Lethbridge Alberta with my family and friends. I love music but I am no singer I love to sit down and listened to music while I reading a good book, and of course we can’t forget snacks I love snacks I get hungry by the minute so you’ll always find me eating,

when I was younger this was a problem for my parents because if there was no one around to give me food I would get it myself which is dangerous for a little girl, I came  to, realize this when I got hungry and as usual  I wanted to eat and there was no one around to give me food so I with my silly little girl mind thought I could give myself food and ended up burning myself, this is one of the first lessons in life I learned patient.

I enjoy playing sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball and cross country running, however my favourite sport is cross country and this is because I am good at it, I love running for a long period of time. my favourite time of day to run is early in the morning before anyone else is awake as I love  seeing how peaceful and beautiful the world is early in the morning before it awakes and resume. it is beautiful at 5 am in the morning. Right now at this moment I am loving life as for my future goals I look forward to attending the university of Lethbridge Alberta in the fall of 2015 to endeavour into the politics  world to make change for the better. The future is bright.

Thank you, for your time, feel free to leave a commend below

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Miss Teenage Canada http://www.missteenagecanada.com/ has launched a new sister competition Top Model Search Canada http://topmodelsearchcanada.com/ and you could be the first winner. Have you wanted to be a model? This competition is a great way to launch your carrier! It is a model search and pageant, the best of both worlds. You get your dream of walking on the runway and strutting for the camera and you still get a crown! Top Model Search Canada http://topmodelsearchcanada.com/ gives you the chance to meet agents, build your portfolio, break into the world of modeling and travel the world. If you are ages 17-26 and have what it takes to be on the cover of magazines then this would be the competition for you! International scouts/agents will be flown in, top 3 will go to compete in Miss Supernational – Top Model of the World – Miss Intercontinential and its the opportunity of a life time. It is a great way to meet new people, make friendships that will last a lifetime and finally get your big break. You will learn plenty of new skills and will be introduced to the model and pageant world. Only good can come from it! What girl doesn’t want to be part of the next generation of supermodels? If you know how to walk and strut your stuff on that run way go to http://topmodelsearchcanada.com/apply-now and apply today for your once in a life time shot at your dream! Not convinced? Top Model Search Canada http://topmodelsearchcanada.com/ is a great way to build confidence, poise, grace and teaches you new skills as well as all about the modeling industry. Combining both pageant and model search elements this competition is one of a kind and they are looking for someone who stands out, is radiant, unique and has grace on the runway, is that you? I would like to say good luck to all the gorgeous young women competing in Top Model Search Canada http://topmodelsearchcanada.com/ this year. Stay beautiful! xo

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