Hello my lovelies! I have had a very full past few weeks with the end of the school year, moving, extra shifts at work, and some very fun events with my title! So far I have attended 16 events with my title since March, so I am going to tell you about a couple of my recent ones, as well as the Canadian Beauties pageant workshop.

On June 23 I attended the Canadian Beauties pageant workshop, sponsored by Bells and Bows Bridal Shop where I learned a lot of great tips to help me at Miss Teenage Canada this summer! I got to see a few girls from Miss Teen/ World Alberta again and pageant girls from all over Alberta and BC. We spent the whole day hearing from different speakers, strutting around in our heels, and just having a great time- after we finished, we got a bag full of great goodies, and a bunch of us went to pick up dresses from Bells and Bows, then out for dinner at Moxies.

The next day we all went to the Canadian JumpStart car show at Canadian Tire to raise money for the great organization JumpStart and we saw some great cars! I love everything about JumpStart because it helps families with low incomes that can’t afford activities (like sports and music) for their kids; Those activities are very expensive, but they’re very important for a kids mental health, physical health, and the discovery of who they are. Through the day we handed out ballads to vote for their favorite car, handed out awards, took lots of photos with everyone, helped take down everything when it was over, and made people smile.





My favorite part of that event was getting to beat up a car with a hammer as Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood was playing in my head. You could pay a dollar-a hit to smash this car and you would be helping a great cause by smashing it because the money goes to JumpStart!

After the car show we went around Lethbridge to show Angela- Miss Northern BC World our beautiful city before she leaves. We took her to Henderson Park, our famous train bridge, the Galt Museum, Galt Gardens, The Helen Nature Centre, and More to introduce her to Lethbridge.

That week was Pride Fest In Lethbridge so I went to City Hall to watch as we raise the pride flag in support of the LGBTQ community. I love how everyone had a smile on their face even though it was a little rainy, and everyone was super colorful! As I could not make it to the big Pride event due to another event, I am so glad I made it to one because we need more supporters of equality in our world. Of course, I had to get a photo with the most colorful person I saw there so…

Canada Day 151 was this week and I spent all day at Henderson Park where I must have seen half of the city there!

This event reminded me how cool it is to be Canadian! As I was sipping my Tim Hortons coffee, taking pictures with a giant beaver, smiling and greeting everyone that passed by, I could feel a strong sense of community where everyone acts like family and cares for everyone around. Everybody smiled back at me, everybody replied when I greeted them, everybody forgot about their differences and acted as one. I don’t think I stopped smiling for a second the whole day. Canadians are known as very nice people, but I saw it come out stronger than ever that day and it made me extra proud to be a Canadian.

I also attended West Fest which is a west-side community festival to raise money for the local schools. I sang a song and played guitar but I am not releasing any videos to keep my Miss Teenage Canada talent performance a surprise! It was very rainy and we had to close down early but it was great to see all of the kids in the morning.

Miss Teenage Canada is 50 days away from today! don’t forget to check out my daily posts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

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