It is the greatest feeling in the world when you are told that you inspire somebody- I have been told by a handful of people in my life that I inspire them and it makes me cry whenever I hear it. This might not have as great of an impact on you, like it does on myself, but this is reason why I do what I do. I chose to join this experience and get a title to inspire people and make a difference with mental health, I chose my future career because it will let me inspire people and make a difference with mental health, I make every decision in my life based around that idea because I care so much about it. 

Last week I put up a mental health bored in my school and it explains what bad mental health is, it explains more about 4 common mental disorders, it gives tips on how to help your mental health, how to help somebody else with bad mental health, and how to get better sleep, It tells you what resources we have in town to get help, it gives you numbers of different help lines, it gives you some statistics on how common it is to have mental health problems, and it gives you some inspiring quotes. I am very proud of it and could send you the information to put up in your school if you message me on any of my social media pages, but it is not everything I have done. Regarding my platform, mental health, I have spoken on Jess FM radio, wrote a speech that I presented at the Teddy Bear Parade, posted a bunch about mental health on all of my social media pages, put up my mental health board, and I have a bunch more planned. 

Looking at all of the events I have made appearances with my title so far, I have been to 14 events, some including: Lethbridge Fashion Weekend, Badges United Hockey Game for Humboldt Broncos, Farmers Day, and Nature Playdate. My favorite part about going to events are getting to talk about mental health, and seeing the little kids get so excited with their big smiles! I love seeing people smile and laugh because it means they are happy, and I will do anything to make that happen. 

There are 64 days until Miss Teenage Canada and I am so exited to meet the other girls, live the experience of the pageant, and put everything I have on stage to represent my country well and raise awareness on mental health!

Written by: Samantha
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