Miss Teenage Canada formerly known as Miss Teen Canada – World is the largest Teen pageant in Canada. The original Miss Teen Canada Pageant was introduced in 1969 and became a loved national tradition across Canada. Its original name for the first 3 years was Miss Teenage Canada and in 1972 was changed to Miss Teen Canada http://www.missteenagecanada.com/. It was a personality and beauty competition for Canadian women ages 14 to 17. The event was always held in Toronto, Ontario and was televised on CTV. The original pageant was sponsored by A&W Drive-Ins. Cleo Productions owned the event for most of its years. Due to financial concerns the pageant shut down in late 1990. There are so many teen pageants out there but the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant that is up and running to date is the largest teen pageant in Canada and began in 2008, it is owned by MTC-W inc. and produced by Michelle Weswaldi . Not only is it the largest teen pageant in Canada but it is the only pageant to hold provincial pageants, has the largest prize, most delegates, most media exposure, Winner goes to Miss Teen Universe, Celebrity judging panel, Celebrity hosts, and much more. I always wanted to enter a pageant like Miss Teenage Canada and when i found the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MissTeenageCanada I decided to apply http://www.missteenagecanada.com/become-mtcw/apply-now. I thought it would be an exciting experience and the opportunity of a lifetime and after watching Miss Teen USA I loved the idea of a Canadian version! Being in a pageant gives you confidence in yourself and can boost your self-esteem greatly, it also gets you involved with your community, presents you with amazing opportunity’s, and gives you the chance to help out charity’s immensely. Some things i have done to get involved with my community are being a volunteer coach for my city’s special olympics swim team, helping with the youth week BBQ, being a mascot for the horse racing track in my city, mentoring young kids, and attending every other event i can! As for working with charity’s July 11th and 12th i will be on the roof of wall-mart raising money for free the fuzz with the special olympics team. As well i will be cleaning up the grandstands at the race track and taking all the cans and bottles to the bottle depot as part of my Free the Children fundraiser. Its amazing to be a role model and mentor for young kids, they look up to you and you can change their life in such small ways. I still cant believe i have this chance to make such a change in the way young people view them selves. With the title of Miss Teenage Canada you can accomplish so many things and change so many lives just with your presence and your words, you become someone for people to look up to the crown just gets their attention but your words will pull them in. I have plans to tour the schools in my city to have discussions with the kids about self-confidence and how to improve mental health, with the title of Miss Teenage Canada  i would expand this tour to all across Canada, i believe i am a strong role model and am someone youth can look up to. With the title i would also seek out more chances to volunteer and fundraise across the country. I look forward to the many more opportunity’s that will open up to me.

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