To day early this morning we wake up at 6am to get ready not knowing where we were going or what we were doing we got up and got ready at the time we were told and expected to e ready. We got  on the bus and when  down the street for breakfast at an all day breakfast restaurant beside  the Hotels called  EGGlicious.  Breakfasts was amazing we had eggs, beacons and potato’s, which was fit for the day we were heading toward.

We then got on the bus after breakfast and when to Lake Ontario, where we walked along Snug Harbour in peers posing and taking pictures, after that we walked to a park in Snug Harbour where we were taught our swim  suits walk by our amazing  choreographer Mark. The walk was fun and energetic, we loved it and even so when we were done practising with our choreographer Mark we continued to practice.

After Snug Harbour we when to Mississauga canoe club, where we when dragon boating, this was my first time in  can dragon boating   so you can imagine how excited I was. For lunch we had hot dogs in a bun with apple ,seizer  salted and peaches.  After lunch when we were waiting for the other group to come back dragon boating we decided to practice our opening number dance that our talented choreographer Shawn Cuffie taught us as well as help one of the delegates that just arrived this morning catch up.

we left the canoeing club around 3:30, we got to the bus and got dressed in our cocked tale dresses and make up in side the bus while it was moving I must say, as we got dress we did our make ups which was no trouble at all even though the bus was moving. it was a suppers to see us looking amazing in our dresses, no one would be able to guest that we got dress in a moving bus.

Two hours when by and we got to our dissention , all dressed in our fancy clothe on time for supper, supper was amazing, extraordinary. we absolutely enjoyed supper.  To night supper was in Niagara Falls at The Greg Frewin Theatre which explain why I thought supper was extraordinary as right after we watched an amazing Magic show, we also as a group toke  a picture with Greg Frewin the owner of the Theatre.

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